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"Judge your value by what you give to the world ,

not by what you take from it."


Podcast exploring insights, strategies, and tools driving change to shape critical aspects of business, environmental, and social responsibility. SCRev helps others build better supply chains and organizational transformation for technological, social, generational, and planetary shifts.


Supply Chain Revolution is a trusted community for thinkers, leaders, learners, storytellers, practitioners, and problem solvers who don't conform to the norm. As Rebels leading the revolution, SCRev has a healthy disrespect for the status quo and pulse to improve the world. We don't follow the standard. We set it.

Focus & Expertise

Trusted Insights in Supply Chain

& Digital Transformations

The Supply Chain Revolution has a passion to change the world using supply chains, sustainability, and circular economy. We believe supply chains can save the planet, save lives, and transform traditional business models.

Supply Chain 100%
Sustainability & Sustainable Development90%
Diversity & Inclusion 100%
Organizational Leadership 86%

A World Of Infinite Opportunities

We believe that we are at a critical inflection point where supply chains have the power to save lives, save the planet, and connect industrial, natural, technological, and human systems. Join us as we explore topics and challenge paradigms like old school vs. new school, analog vs. digital, price vs. value, linear vs. circular, and many more. You can subscribe to our podcast below, available across all channels.

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