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Explore provocative points of view curated by the Supply Chain Revolution contributors and Rebels, highlighting themes and concepts in Supply Chain, Sustainability, Sustainable Development & the SGDs, Circular Economy, Leadership, and Human Potential & Well Being.

Status Quo Challenge: Design Thinking for Supply Chain Transformation

Infographic: Automation, Analytics, and AI in Supply Chain
AI: An Enabler to Circular Economy or Hindrance?
Ignite! Video: How to Create a Circular City
The Unfettered Response: The Political Risks of a Globalized Supply Chain
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Architects of Change Series

Community Events

Sharing a beverage is a universal way of connecting with others. Join us in a virtual community of learning, connecting, inspiring, and pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking in Supply Chain, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Leadership, and Personal Growth & Development. Bring your beverage of choice whether tea, coffee, wine, beer, water, or whatever your enjoy. All are welcome.

Brunch & Learn: regenerative agriculture and supply chain can save the world

Join us on June 6 , 2020 as we explore a topic written and voted on by YOU!

Brunch & Learn Miniature Session: happy birthday to Sheri & Dyci!

Join us on May 30, 2020 as we have a short session, cheers Sheri & Dyci, and nerd out on supply chain!

Brunch & Learn: an alternate universe where circular economy could happen overnight

Join us on May 23, 2020 as we explore a topic written and voted on by YOU!

Brunch & Learn: The Circular Economy and Transparency in Supply Chain

Join us on May 16, 2020 as we discuss the Circular Economy, a conduit for Supply Chain transparency.

Brunch & Learn: Public Heath Supply Chain in Nigeria, and International Development in Supply Chain

Join us on April 25, 2020 for guest speaker Ramatu Abdulkadir, Executive Officer of Health Supplies Management

Brunch & Learn: New Approach to Digital & Transformation

Join us on April 18, 2020 as we explore leading business transformation and assessing readiness with Chakra


The Future of Supply Chain with Nat Schooler from the Influential Visions Podcast

Check out this chat with fellow IBM Futurist Nat Schooler where we discuss how is sustainability is disruptive, what is circularity and what is its impact on supply chain, and what lessons can we learn from the past to improve supply chain?

Leading the Supply Chain Revolution: Supply Chain Brief Webinar Playback

Join Sheri and Deborah as they playback the Supply Chain Brief Webinar on February 26, 2020 where they explored new school supply chain, Supply Chain 5.0. and major themes in the Supply Chain Revolution. Trends include: why the status quo must be disrupted, exploring a new global economy (circular economy, sustainable supply chain, etc.), advances in the next age of industry leveraging the convergence of technology, and embracing new leadership and the expanding workforce.

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