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Explore provocative points of view curated by the Supply Chain Revolution contributors, Supply Chain Rebels highlighting themes and concepts in New School Supply Chain, Sustainability, Sustainable Development & the SDGs, Circular Economy, Leadership, and Human Potential & Well Being.

Nevermind The Buzz Words: A Hype-Cycle Guide

By: Luke Smaul

Will Robots Replace Healthcare Professionals in the Future of Work?

By: Ramatu Abdulkadir

Tips to Promote Gender Diversity in Supply Chain

By: Dyci Manns Sfregola

Beyond Tier-1 Suppliers: An Integral Part of a Sustainable Supply Chain

By: Sneha Kumari

Building Resilient and Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chains for Sustainable Development Goal 3

By: Ramatu Abdulkadir

The Commoditization of Culture. Why How You Sell Defines Who You Are as a Company

By: Luke Smaul

Can Fashion Brands Wait for Consumers to Ask for Sustainability and How the Fashion Supply Chain Can Help

By: Bettina Hobson

Status Quo Challenge: Design Thinking for Supply Chain Transformation

By: Dyci Manns Sfregola

Infographic: Automation, Analytics, and AI in Supply Chain

By: Sangeeta Gadepalli

AI: An Enabler to Circular Economy or Hindrance?

By: Sneha Kumari

Ignite! Video: How to Create a Circular City

By: Kelsey Steele

The Unfettered Response: The Political Risks of a Globalized Supply Chain

By: Adebayo Adeleke

Ditch the Years and Look at the Experience...

By: Dyci Manns Sfregola

Community Events

Sharing a beverage is a universal way of connecting with others. Join us in a virtual community of learning, connecting, inspiring, and pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking in Supply Chain, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Leadership, and Personal Growth & Development. Bring your beverage of choice whether tea, coffee, wine, beer, water, or whatever your enjoy. All are welcome.

Brunch & Learn: regenerative agriculture and supply chain can save the world

Join us on June 6 , 2020 as we explore a topic written and voted on by YOU!

Brunch & Learn Miniature Session: happy birthday to Sheri & Dyci!

Join us on May 30, 2020 as we have a short session, cheers Sheri & Dyci, and nerd out on supply chain!

Brunch & Learn: an alternate universe where circular economy could happen overnight

Join us on May 23, 2020 as we explore a topic written and voted on by YOU!

Brunch & Learn: The Circular Economy and Transparency in Supply Chain

Join us on May 16, 2020 as we discuss the Circular Economy, a conduit for Supply Chain transparency.

Brunch & Learn: Public Heath Supply Chain in Nigeria, and International Development in Supply Chain

Join us on April 25, 2020 for guest speaker Ramatu Abdulkadir, Executive Officer of Health Supplies Management

Brunch & Learn: New Approach to Digital & Transformation

Join us on April 18, 2020 as we explore leading business transformation and assessing readiness with Chakra

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