The Supply Chain Revolution™ Podcast

In this video, we introduce the Supply Chain Revolution podcast series. Listen as we explore emerging topics in Supply Chain, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Technology, and Leadership. We explore provocative points of view that challenge paradigms for progress and highlight Rebels from around the world doing epic stuff!

A World Of Infinite Opportunities

We believe that we are at a critical inflection point where supply chains have the power to save lives, save the planet, and connect industrial, natural, technological, and human systems. Join us as we explore topics and challenge paradigms like old school vs. new school, analog vs. digital, price vs. value, linear vs. circular, and many more.

I believe...

Deborah Dull,

Circular Nomad™

"I believe that supply chains play a critical role in achieving business outcomes, and each supply chain has the potential to be phenomenal." 

I am a supply chain enthusiast who believes that circular supply chains can transform the world. My career started at Microsoft, building and scaling the Microsoft Retail Stores supply chains for physical and digital products. I led Channel Operations for the EMEA digital supply chain and UK retail markets, highlighting the importance of “voice of customer” in global supply chain and operations. I spent three years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, evangelizing the use of new technology to propel frontier markets into Industry 4.0 using control tower digital platforms to enable 30+ organizations to jointly plan and operate, impacting over $1B in cross-industry annual pharmaceutical spend. The scope spanned 300+ geographies in 17 countries across Africa and Central Asia.

Now I lead product management for Operations Performance Management, Supply Chain, Digital Kaizen, and Circular Economy – offering continuous improvement and optimization of industrial production processes. Exploring the needs of industrial equipment and process operators around the world, I provide thought leadership on the industrial internet as a strategy for reducing waste and improving time to value to pave the way to a circular economy.

"Inventory is the most interesting topic on the planet."

My Vision

Sheri R. Hinish, SupplyChainQueen®

"You can have talent, vision, and determination, but without integrity you won't reach your full potential."

We have an opportunity to change the world we share by leveraging technology for social good, to improve the Earth for future generations. My work focuses on aligning industrial, environmental, and technological systems influenced by human behavior in network-based stewardship. I've guided digital transformations and defined supply chain, product, and solution strategy. I earned the nickname Supply Chain Queen by having the unique ability to simplify the complex, communicating to inspire and unite folks in mega-transformations, and reimagining traditional ways of working and thinking. Through the lens of business process and human behavior, I help executives and their teams explore next-gen tech like digital supply chain capabilities sustainability, innovation, design thinking, and connected value networks. My vision is to change the world through sustainable supply chain, evangelizing the SDGs, and building technology grounded in the principles of sustainable development.

Why are you so passionate about supply chain?

I was an artist first, before falling in love with sustainable supply chain. There is deep connection between music, art, and supply chain. It’s all about orchestration, timing, and seeing connection in all things. In the future of work, never forget creativity and love are very much the essence of what makes us human and beautiful creatures. I love this quote from “Artists have much to teach us when it comes to career ownership, in identifying closely with the work that they do, in delivering work while learning new things. They advance their careers through collaboration, bringing together a combination of skills and sensitivities that allow them to break new ground in the work they do and inspire others to create and innovate."

Rule #1 in Business: "Customer is King.

Supply Chain is Queen."

I believe that if serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you. Empathy is at the heart of customer-centric solutions and pushes us beyond the realm of analysis. I help shape leadership strategy and transform teams to understand that failure is an essential part of innovation and our greatest fear shouldn't be failing, but succeeding at something that doesn't add value to their customers and the lives of others. I believe that it's better to fail in originality, then succeed in imitation. So, let's create, soar, and do epic sh*t together.

Sparking the Supply Chain Revolution™