The Future of Supply Chain with Nat Schooler from the Influential Visions Podcast

Check out this chat with fellow IBM Futurist Nat Schooler where we discuss how is sustainability is disruptive, what is circularity and what is its impact on supply chain, and what lessons can we learn from the past to improve supply chain?

Shifting Bias in Leadership Playback

Join Deborah and Sheri as they explore shifting the paradigm of leadership. Shifting bias in the perception of "what leadership" looks like is critical in supply chain organizations and the future of work. What does professional look like? Is a start-up culture more productive? Is effectiveness tied to the way someone is dressed? Explore this paradigm in this lighthearted playback.

Value Stream Your Life for Career Opportunities

Deborah and Sheri explore how to apply learning from lean six sigma can be applied in your personal life. In this video, Sheri describes how greenbelt training provided tremendous insights that changed the course of her career and academic pursuits. You can value stream map your way back to school as a working parent and forge a bold, new career path in supply chain, technology, and STEM.

Building Trust in a Supply Chain Network with Lokad and Sheri Hinish, SupplyChainQueen

As humans, trust is a complex emotion that can often take years to build. It's also a highly important factor in business, which can impact on everything from speed of innovation to the perceived wealth of a nation. In this episode of LokadTV, Sheri discusses widespread lack of understanding about the concept of trust in general when it's actually a vital ingredient in modern economics. In supply chain, there are also many simple yet counter-intuitive elements that almost automatically create distrust. Tune in for lessons learned in digital transformation, leadership, change management, and building trust in network-based, multi-tier collaboration.

Sparking the Supply Chain Revolution

In this trailer, Sheri Hinish, SupplyChainQueen, and Deborah, Circular Nomad, describe why a revolution is needed to disrupt the status quo, who is a Supply Chain Rebel, and what you'll get from the SCRev Podcast that provides provocative points of view that challenge paradigms for progress.


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